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Well, it’s been a very long pause for me to put any entry on this blog. A whole month? That’s how long I’ve been off? Wow!

Anyway, now that I’m back into my posting activities here, and intending to ‘appear’ more frequently (or at least not disappear as long as I did before), here’s a little first re-entry…

And I present you: the Youtube video of my self! Oh, sorry guys, my two readers a week. No, I mean, I’m Yours… No, no, not the actual me! It’s the title of this song from Jason Mraz. You know it really well, right? 😉


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It’s been almost a week actually, since the real [holy] date of our country’s Independence Day, August 17. And this year in Sydney, it is quite more exciting for me, compared to last year since I didn’t attend any celebration or ceremony back then.

Yet, what I really want to post here, perhaps is a couple of songs (or videos to be exact), of which I use to “re-engage” my mind and feeling towards this Independence Day’s moment the whole week. My fellow Indonesian friends would be familiar with them, I believe.

And don’t want to write any longer, here they are (all copied from Youtube). Enjoy! 😉

Bendera – by Cokelat :

Indonesia Pusaka (instrumental/guitar) – by Prisa Rianzi :

Satu Nusa Satu Bangsa – by Cokelat :

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