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Firstly, sorry if there should be any mistake, including wrong terms, not-so-accurate descriptions, especially on technical things, within my post that I’m going to write here. I must admit, I don’t really have a sound knowledge on internet technology. I’ve just been blogging around (un-regularly) for several months, joined Facebook last year, Twitter two months ago, and am not in touch with Twittad yet. However, since they’re all part of phenomena, I thought I’ll just share my thoughts of them.

And I’ll talk about Twitter first. Well, actually, I was just introduced – by my lecturer – to this relatively new facility (at least for me), this emerging trend on the net, about two months ago. And it was at the first few weeks of my Online Journalism class this semester at UTS.

But wait! Anyone still has no clue of what I’m talking about here? (more…)


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