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Just another story of my days – or you may just call it an “announcement”. 🙂


And so, in case people don’t’ know, besides the ‘obligation’ of being a journalist and a student of UTS Journalism, I really like to write. I like it even though I’m not very good at it (especially in English). One of the consequences then is, whenever I have the chance to take part on writing job or a competition for example, I would be interested to try.

And that last one was what happened a few weeks ago, when I was still right in the middle of several assignments. I entered two interesting competitions, which required just some samples of short writings, with of course a hope to win. However, no luck for me, I didn’t get selected.

Well, of course “luck” was not the main thing here. Actually, what I wrote were not good enough (yeah, that’s the problem). It’s a bit shameful though, because for the World Nomads Travel Scholarship for example, one of my friends already knew that I participated. 😀 Yet, the winner (Susannah Palk) and the three runner-ups (Lynette Willoughby, Mark Bailey and Emily Sim) are truly really good. Have a look, check their story entries here.

The second one, with just about one-paragraph of writing entry, was the SMH call for their “unofficial reviewers” of the Sydney Film Festival. And finally, here are the five chosen reviewers: Lee Winters, Veronica Holmes, Sneha Balakrishnan, Emma Rugg and Sevana Ohandjanian (the last two are UTS Journalism students). So far, they’ve been working great. You may check their interesting pieces of work here.

Another “no luck” thing I discovered just a few days ago is on my story for one of the UTS Journalism publications, the Precinct. Published in a new format, the current issue of this magazine has a range of interesting news and articles, mainly from around Sydney. However, the story I did – about an exhibition called “Dockside” at the NSW State Library – was probably not interesting or important enough to be included in this edition of Precinct, or maybe it was just lack in quality.

Well, hey, I still gotta cheer up, you know! 😀 Because luckily, there is one small thing I managed to get recently, in term of “competition”: winning the Rolling Stone’s trivia quiz. And the prize is a Cloverfield DVD (though I’m still wondering, why doesn’t it come yet?).

Finally, still like to talk about my writing, for those who might also have an interest on some easy journalism topics, I’d love to share here a couple of my blog entries, which I completed as a requirement for one of the class this semester. This task is quite interesting for me, as we may talk broadly about anything in relation to newspapers editing, designing and publishing. Here’s the link for the PDF file of those blog notes I made.


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Sydney is one of the cities that so-well-known for being the host of lots of festival. At least it’s from my own knowledge. Get rid of music festivals, and there are still several major events that quite interesting – for the residents or especially outsiders. These are two of them, and they’re coming our way, in the nearly upcoming weeks!


>> Sydney Writers’ Festival

This one is interesting, not only for the writers or people who like to read a lot of writings e.g. books, feature stories, etc., but of course also for ‘common people’. It will be held here in Sydney – but not just in the city since the venues are very spread out even to Wollongong – from next Monday, May 19 to 25 (official dates).

There are several different kinds of activity that can be enjoyed by people, starting from exhibitions, author talks, conversations, lectures, readings, panel seminars, filming, etc. And if people don’t like to pay to feel the atmosphere, there are still heaps of events which are free. Yes, free of charge!

This event has a lot of major sponsors. But besides those sponsors, you know what, our guys in UTS Journalism will also participate in one important role which is to produce Festival News, the SWF daily publication (but well, I’m not involved actually).

Here’s to take a look at its complete guide.

>>Sydney Film Festival

This year the festival that [I think] really spoiling movie lovers will be in its 55th year. And it will be here for almost three weeks, from June 4 to 22. So, in case June is already filled with other plans in your agenda, at least there’s still any chance for one or two movies, right?

A series of strands will be showcased, involving heaps of movies, starting from kids films, animation, Australian, short cuts, hot docs, art films, world views, some other special foreign movies (high quality ones of course), etc. The venues include the State Theatre, Dendy Opera Quays, Greater Union George Street, Metro Theatre and so on. No need to say more, I guess, as anybody who really loves movies should already have this event on their agenda.

Here’s to take a look at its complete guide.


Just for your [extra] information, I’ll probably be there in both festivals, and surely will try to take notes to be written here. So, just stay tuned. But better yet, if I may suggest, while any of you have the chance, why don’t stop by and enjoy them your self.

Finally, have anything to say? Well, just put your comments here then..! 😉

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