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The quarter final round of UEFA Euro 2008 is surely bringing more excitement to soccer enthusiasts or football-mania, with three legs so far already wrapped in some drama. And this is really what football is all about.

Firstly, opening the knock-out round, Germany convincingly defeated Portugal, one of the tournament favourites, with the final score was 3-2. As people might have been aware of, Portugal have showed impressive plays in the group stage although their “second level” team were surrendered to Switzerland on their last match there. On the other hand, Germany weren’t look too good, especially after the 1-2 defeat by Croatia on their second game, but finally managed to get through by a “light victory” (1-0) over Austria.

The second drama was when one of the previous perfect-point holders, Croatia, were beaten by a more and more impressive Turkey. Had a late goal in extra time that seemed to be their ticket to the semi-final, Croatia had to be disappointed when Turkey’s Semih Senturk scored a later equaliser goal, forcing both teams to end up the game with penalty shoot-out. And that was when the real drama happened. Turkey won by 3-1, thanks partly to the winning save by Rustu Recber the goalkeeper.

And just last night (or this morning in Sydney time), another drama happened. The Netherlands, as of another Euro 2008 favourite, which previously held the other perfect point record (3-0 over Italy, 4-1 over France and 2-0 over Romania), had to go home unexpectedly earlier after the Russian took care of them with 3-1. Previously, Russia themselves were not so impressive, particularly when they started their journey with 1-4 loss from Spain.

Now, there’s still one more game in this round, which is Spain versus Italy tonight (or early tomorrow morning in Sydney). Will Spain also become a proof of previously-impressive-teams inconsistency? Well, we’ll see about that. One thing for sure is that there’ll still be more dramas. Don’t you think so..? 😉

By the way, I’d like to share here as well, a blog around Euro 2008 made by Chris Paraskevas, a UTS Journalism student. It’s quite an interesting one with all the previews, coverage and analysis. And it is updated daily. Please, have a look (click the author’s name or just find it in “Other Links” on the right-side of the page). 🙂

The Turkey’s players celebrated their quarter final victory (picture courtesy of Euro2008.Com).


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