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The End of Study


You know what? This week will officially be my last week of study at the UTS. Yes, it’ll be the end, since I’ve spent a complete 1.5 years here studying the post-grad journalism course. Well, the results for this semester won’t come out yet until next month actually, but still, I can consider it’s done here.

So, what’s next? Going back to my home country, Indonesia, that’s for sure. And that’ll be right at the end of next month as well, or to be precise, exactly three days before the New Years Eve.

Now talking about study, I might need to write down a bit on how it’s been quite tricky for me since the very beginning last year. It’s not that the course is so tough or what. (more…)


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Well, while struggling with lots and lots of study tasks, I also try to gather again what imagination can I turn into words of poem. And this is what I finally got. It’s in Bahasa Indonesia though – and this is one promise I try to ‘keep’ to some of my fellow Indonesians – but I think non-Indonesian speakers here wouldn’t mind at all. Would you, friends? 🙂

Note: as the watermark shows, the great image is taken from a photography site – Danheller.Com.

kereta api super cepat itu bernama waktu

ia berlalu sangat cepat…

sangat, sangaaat cepat!

tak hendak berhenti di stasiun ini agaknya. mungkin tidak juga di stasiun manapun.. karena ia memang selalu bergerak.

tapi ia sudah melewati semua stasiun. dan sebaliknya, semua orang di semua stasiun sudah tahu akan keberadaannya.

kereta api super cepat itu… bernama ‘waktu’.

kereta api yang teramat panjang… gerbongnya nyaris tak pernah kelihatan; apalagi karena memang ia melintas sangat teramat cepat…

gerbong-gerbong terdepan bahkan kukira tak seorang pun bisa mengenali bentuknya.

apalah lagi kepala gerbongnya…

mungkin tak ada manusia yang bahkan bisa sekadar membayangkan bagaimana rupanya.

tapi walaupun berlalu sedemikian rupa, aku kadang bisa ingat bagaimana rupa sejumlah gerbongnya… setidaknya mungkin, gerbong-gerbong yang masih belum berjarak terlalu jauh.

dan kukira banyak orang lain juga barangkali masih bisa mengenali.

satu gerbong misalnya, baru saja rasanya berlalu… menghadirkan pemandangan mengharukan dari sahabat-sahabat manusia yang menderita di Burma sana.

yang terbaring tak berdaya. yang meringis kesakitan. yang hanya bisa menangis pilu dalam penderitaan.

dan aku hampir tak percaya… ketika bak dejavu, selintas kemudian ada lagi gerbong yang kurang lebih serupa.

apa ini bukan sama sekali gerbong yang sama? [begitu pikirku ketika ia melintas]

tapi tentu saja, yang ini sama sekali berbeda… walaupun yang kulihat di dalamnya adalah gambaran yang nyaris sama.

gerbong dengan ribuan manusia yang tergeletak dalam penderitaan di China. terkapar tak berdaya. meraung kesakitan. merintih di tengah pedihnya penderitaan.

lalu kuingat-ingat lagi… [sembari duduk tenang di bangku stasiun membaca lembaran koranku ditemani secangkir kopi]

aku sebelumnya mungkin juga pernah melihat gerbong yang identik lainnya.

ya, ketika badai Katrina menerpa USA.

juga ketika tsunami menghajar sejumlah pesisir berpenghuni manusia.

ketika gempa meluluhlantakkan Yogya dan sekitarnya.

saat longsor menimpa, banjir melanda, topan dan puting beliung memporak-porandakan apa saja, gunung memuntahkan lava, sungai meluap dan sebagainya… di mana-mana.

juga di kala kereta tumbang, pesawat jatuh, kapal tenggelam, bom meledak, perang meluluhlantakkan, pemberontakan, kekacauan, amarah, meledak, membakar, memusnahkan… hingga punah ranah segala yang ada.

dan kupikir-pikir lagi… [sambil santai menghisap rokokku]

agaknya gerbong-gerbong yang hampir sama itu silih-berganti melintas dengan frekuensi yang semakin tinggi di hadapanku sejak beberapa saat lalu.

dan aku hampir yakin kalau masih bakal ada banyak… mungkin amat banyak… gerbong lainnya yang serupa yang akan kembali melintas.

ataukah aku duduk di stasiun yang salah? [pikirku sambil melongok kiri-kanan]

tidak juga…

tidak, tentu saja tidak.

karena ini memang satu-satunya jalur yang dilewati oleh kereta api super cepat bernama ‘waktu’ itu.

kereta yang masih terus bergerak, melintas sangat teramat cepat di hadapanku… di hadapan semua orang lainnya yang berada di stasiun yang sama, yang kadang sembari menatap penuh takjub ke gerbong yang melintas di depannya, mengurut dada atau merasa bersyukur karena tak ikut menjadi penumpang di sana.

dan sebagian masih dengan tenang tetap membaca korannya, meminum kopi hangatnya, sama seperti diriku.

sementara kereta api super cepat itu dan gerbong-gerbong tragisnya tak hendak berhenti berlalu…

// sydney – 17 may 2008 – 4.45am //

A short abstract in English:

It’s about an express train [I] called ‘time’. A train that lately seems most of its carriages are full of human being in misery. From China, Burma, the USA, Indonesia; from all over the world basically. And it’s still moving… probably will continue to show the same view.

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Since July last year, this is one of my favourite places to hang around. Yup, it’s the outer part of home for me, but probably also the cosiest spot of the unit I live in.

It’s not just because I have my cigarettes here, but also as the place when I like to do other stuff. I often read my newspapers here, along with a cup of coffee. Or sometimes, just sit and looking around. Yet, some more of my serious activities like writing the assignments or calling my news sources, have also been happened here.

And it is at this balcony, I regularly think about lots of things. About love and life, about study and work, about myself and other people. I think and write, or just thinking while having a wide open sight.

From this balcony, I see life. I see movement of people’s daily life. I see examples of human being and their time, their activities and even their feelings. Their sadness and happiness, their joyfulness and loneliness. All the things that I’ve ever feel in my own life actually.

Sometimes from this balcony, I can see somebody who’s having problems with their partner, with their family or friends. Sometimes, I might see a group of people having a party, or just chilling out talking to each other. But every time for sure, I would always see somebody’s busy doing something, anything that becomes part of the advanced life of this big country.

Once, I saw a group of official city workers cutting the trees. And they did a very efficient work, with a number of machines were also there to help them.

Lately, since a few weeks ago, I can also find a similar view right in front of me from this balcony. A group of worker is working on a renovation project, or probably building something new, in the small block of buildings across the street. And again, in every single day of their work, I make a lot of thinking.

I think about how they’re doing their job. Moreover, about how the similar view might look back there in my home country, where some rare and unique things could be found. In a development project like this back there, I won’t just see the workers or their supervisors and the material suppliers come along. I can also see some government officials come once in a while, to talk about paper works and maybe to get some kind of retribution. And they’re not the only one who would ask for retribution from the project, as the local gang would want ‘a taste of it’ too.

Well, that’s just a tiny example of what use to happen in my country. Of course, it’s not happen all the time, but enough to say it as a common activity. So, is it a prove of what’s called a corrupt-mental-attitude there? Unfortunately, yes, that’s one of them. Although I should say again that not all aspects in our country’s life are surrounded with corruption.

And so, finally, I would say that it is from this cozy balcony too, I sometimes think about – or dream of – the positive change that could happen to my home country in the future. Maybe not in the near future, but hopefully we’ll get there sometimes. And I would really love to be part of that change. I would love too … just as I finish my homeland’s cigarette here and put it off in my ashtray.

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Just wanna reflect some feelings of my days in life here, guys…

These days, the weather in some regions of Australia has became very cold. In Sydney, yesterday and today at least, the minimum temperature is below 8 Celsius degree. The other part of the country even get below zero degree. Freezing, that’s for sure.

It’s still autumn, but surely, the colder weather of winter is coming on very soon. Kinda strange for me actually, since within a week I got the chance to taste different weather conditions. And actually before this cold, I’ve just got back from a trip to an area that’s still a bit warm.

Yeah, it was the ‘paradise’ on the Gold Coast, where people still able to walk happily on the sand just like in the summer. I was there last weekend to spend the rest days of my mid-semester’s break. And I guess I was lucky to have the chance just when everybody else in Sydney – and other regions – was already struggling with cold.

I even enjoyed all other aspects of the ‘paradise’ as what a vacation is supposed to be. I hung out with cheerful people, and even involved in a street music performance, playing tambourine for three songs with a couple of hip-artists. It was really cool.

But now, it’s cold..!

Still, luckily there’s no more rain these days. And hopefully not in a few days to come when I have to get back in focus on my study. I’ve been through that wet days a couple of days ago, just at the time when I departed from Sydney to Queensland. It was rainy and really, really wet!

From wet, to warm, and then got into a cold weather, is a very extreme change of conditions to me. Yet, what can I say. Weather changes. In fact, everything in this world is always changing. And we‘re living on it. That’s the point.

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