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In Australia, this year it was officially started at 2.00am (normal time), about 12 days ago, or on Sunday, October 5 to be exact. I was actually in Melbourne around that day, so I adjusted all my devices’ clock at a friend’s place where I stayed. This is my second time having it (the Daylight Saving Time or DST), and so I’m fully aware of it.

However, interestingly on Friday before the starting point of time, when I was just arrived at the Southern Cross Station, Melbourne, that beautiful morning, (more…)


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I’m sure I’ve mentioned about this a bit before, right here in this blog. Yes, it was when I told people about how I had to find a new place to live in, while I was also initiating this project – codenamed “Project Eyes”.

And now, the project is finally settled. I mean, the first edition of this brand-new (more…)

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The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was officially closed tonight – I mean last night since this is already Monday, August 25. I didn’t really follow all the actions, not even watched a single game or any match perhaps. Not because I don’t like sports, and of course not by some reasons based on political or humanitarian (more…)

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Just wanna reflect some feelings of my days in life here, guys…

These days, the weather in some regions of Australia has became very cold. In Sydney, yesterday and today at least, the minimum temperature is below 8 Celsius degree. The other part of the country even get below zero degree. Freezing, that’s for sure.

It’s still autumn, but surely, the colder weather of winter is coming on very soon. Kinda strange for me actually, since within a week I got the chance to taste different weather conditions. And actually before this cold, I’ve just got back from a trip to an area that’s still a bit warm.

Yeah, it was the ‘paradise’ on the Gold Coast, where people still able to walk happily on the sand just like in the summer. I was there last weekend to spend the rest days of my mid-semester’s break. And I guess I was lucky to have the chance just when everybody else in Sydney – and other regions – was already struggling with cold.

I even enjoyed all other aspects of the ‘paradise’ as what a vacation is supposed to be. I hung out with cheerful people, and even involved in a street music performance, playing tambourine for three songs with a couple of hip-artists. It was really cool.

But now, it’s cold..!

Still, luckily there’s no more rain these days. And hopefully not in a few days to come when I have to get back in focus on my study. I’ve been through that wet days a couple of days ago, just at the time when I departed from Sydney to Queensland. It was rainy and really, really wet!

From wet, to warm, and then got into a cold weather, is a very extreme change of conditions to me. Yet, what can I say. Weather changes. In fact, everything in this world is always changing. And we‘re living on it. That’s the point.

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