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Image of a common cold virus (from Docruppel.com).

Image of a common cold virus (from Docruppel.com).

I’m sick. Unwell. And it’s the second day.

I’m not very sure whether it’s a cold or the flu. But it must be one of them. I sneezes a lot, I have runny nose, sore throat, I always feel tired, and so on and so on.

Well, it’s not that this is something uncommon for people, or that I myself haven’t been in this situation before. It’s just this isn’t really a “good time” for being sick (well, of course there’ll never be a good time).

I mean, I actually have a lot of tasks to finish this week; some writings and editing stuffs. Including interviewing a source for a story today (though a bit awkward, thank God it went OK), a class presentation tomorrow, and some discussions on next Saturday’s classes. Not to mention our web project, and a plan for a short spring-break vacation next Sunday.

So, of course, it really sucks being sick these kind of days. That’s it. And I hate the virus who gives me this. But I won’t let it happily transfer itself to other people either.

Yes. Stay away from me; I’ll handle this ugly little creature alone – as if I’m a knight fighting the dragon.


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