Just a brief post.

I’ve just emailed this announcement to some mailing lists and friends:

It’s been a while; almost three months from the first launch of Eyesia (http://www.eyesia.co.cc/), a website/online magazine of Indonesian students in Australia. And after such a long waiting, a “tough break”, we are now glad to share this news: the second edition of Eyesia is finally available for viewing!
The articles are not as many as the 1st one in quantity, but some sections might be worth checking out. Some of them are: a note of Mt Buller trip (Travel), a soccer-playing robot team and the Indonesian guy member (Hobby) – plus a glimpse of one the games (Video), book reviews and some songs (Simply Words), a couple of short and not-so-short news (Newswire), as well as ‘conversation’ about public transportation (Focus), and of course new photo gallery and recipe.
Please, have a look. And we’d appreciate any comments. Thanks and enjoy.

-The Eyesia Team-

While this is the Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) version:

Sudah cukup lama sejak edisi perdana diluncurkan, dan memang cukup memakan waktu dan menguras tenaga [part-time] kami dalam menindaklanjutinya. Tapi akhirnya.. Eyesia edisi-2 sudah bisa dinikmati online.
Tidak sebanyak yang pertama artikel-artikelnya, namun barangkali masih lumayan menarik untuk ditengok. Kali ini, kita antara lain punya sebuah jurnal trip ke Mt Buller (Travel), artikel kecil tentang tim sepakbola robot dan salah satu membernya (Hobby) – berikut cuplikan pertandingan (Video), ada beberapa review buku & lirik lagu (Simply Words), serta sejumlah berita/feature singkat (Newswire). Plus, tentu masih ada bahasan utama, yaitu tentang public transport (Focus), dan galeri foto baru serta resep.
Silakan bagi yang brminat, singgahlah sejenak. Silakan beri komentar juga. Terima kasih.

-The Eyesia Team-

Can’t say more. Just figure it out yourselves guys. 😉

The End of Study


You know what? This week will officially be my last week of study at the UTS. Yes, it’ll be the end, since I’ve spent a complete 1.5 years here studying the post-grad journalism course. Well, the results for this semester won’t come out yet until next month actually, but still, I can consider it’s done here.

So, what’s next? Going back to my home country, Indonesia, that’s for sure. And that’ll be right at the end of next month as well, or to be precise, exactly three days before the New Years Eve.

Now talking about study, I might need to write down a bit on how it’s been quite tricky for me since the very beginning last year. It’s not that the course is so tough or what. Continue Reading »

Firstly, sorry if there should be any mistake, including wrong terms, not-so-accurate descriptions, especially on technical things, within my post that I’m going to write here. I must admit, I don’t really have a sound knowledge on internet technology. I’ve just been blogging around (un-regularly) for several months, joined Facebook last year, Twitter two months ago, and am not in touch with Twittad yet. However, since they’re all part of phenomena, I thought I’ll just share my thoughts of them.

And I’ll talk about Twitter first. Well, actually, I was just introduced – by my lecturer – to this relatively new facility (at least for me), this emerging trend on the net, about two months ago. And it was at the first few weeks of my Online Journalism class this semester at UTS.

But wait! Anyone still has no clue of what I’m talking about here? Continue Reading »

In Australia, this year it was officially started at 2.00am (normal time), about 12 days ago, or on Sunday, October 5 to be exact. I was actually in Melbourne around that day, so I adjusted all my devices’ clock at a friend’s place where I stayed. This is my second time having it (the Daylight Saving Time or DST), and so I’m fully aware of it.

However, interestingly on Friday before the starting point of time, when I was just arrived at the Southern Cross Station, Melbourne, that beautiful morning, Continue Reading »

Well, it’s been a very long pause for me to put any entry on this blog. A whole month? That’s how long I’ve been off? Wow!

Anyway, now that I’m back into my posting activities here, and intending to ‘appear’ more frequently (or at least not disappear as long as I did before), here’s a little first re-entry…

And I present you: the Youtube video of my self! Oh, sorry guys, my two readers a week. No, I mean, I’m Yours… No, no, not the actual me! It’s the title of this song from Jason Mraz. You know it really well, right? 😉

Image of a common cold virus (from Docruppel.com).

Image of a common cold virus (from Docruppel.com).

I’m sick. Unwell. And it’s the second day.

I’m not very sure whether it’s a cold or the flu. But it must be one of them. I sneezes a lot, I have runny nose, sore throat, I always feel tired, and so on and so on.

Well, it’s not that this is something uncommon for people, or that I myself haven’t been in this situation before. It’s just this isn’t really a “good time” for being sick (well, of course there’ll never be a good time).

I mean, I actually have a lot of tasks to finish this week; some writings and editing stuffs. Including interviewing a source for a story today (though a bit awkward, thank God it went OK), a class presentation tomorrow, and some discussions on next Saturday’s classes. Not to mention our web project, and a plan for a short spring-break vacation next Sunday.

So, of course, it really sucks being sick these kind of days. That’s it. And I hate the virus who gives me this. But I won’t let it happily transfer itself to other people either.

Yes. Stay away from me; I’ll handle this ugly little creature alone – as if I’m a knight fighting the dragon.

I found a note. A one piece of paper hand-written note. There’s no name on it, so I think it’s just OK if I publish it here. After all, I won’t mention anyone either if there’s any name.

So, here’s basically what on it: Continue Reading »